Community Supported Agriculture

Fruits and Vegetables PhotoWhy might somebody want to be a part of community supported agriculture (CSA)?

1. The produce is fresh. Locally grown fruits and vegetables may come from less than 100 miles away. Oftentimes, the produce was picked the day before – unlike importing food from another hemisphere. Have you ever eaten a field ripened tomato? The taste does not compare to anything found in the grocery store.

2. Many CSAs grow crops that the local climate can sustain. Generally, farms produce a multitude of products, which adds to biodiversity. This is good for the ecosystem as well as our bodies.

3. Many, but not all, CSAs grow organically. This helps sustain our natural resources.

4. CSAs support local businesses and can draw communities together. Many farms put out weekly newsletters to help you get to know the farmers – their struggles and their successes. They also provide recipes on how to use some of the produce you receive each week. Supporting local business also supports our local economies.

5. Getting a CSA box is like getting a present every week. Usually there are a few delightful surprises that challenge our creativity.

6. Supporting a CSA forces us to eat seasonally, which means we are trying new things throughout the year. It’s never boring!

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