Maria’s Success

weight loss success story

I’m constantly inspired by my mother-in-law, Maria. When Rajiv called me from the emergency room, letting me know he was having a heart attack, I was worried about him, but the seriousness of the situation didn’t hit me until I called my parents and asked my mom to pick my boys up from daycare that day. My husband could die. What would I tell the kids?

At the time, I didn’t consider was how the news of Rajiv having a heart attack might have impacted his mom. Looking back, I can’t imagine what she must have been going through. If one of my boys were knocking on death’s door, I’d have been devastated.

During Rajiv’s recovery, he started his research to determine what he could do to prevent a future heart attack. He shared all of his information with his parents. Rajiv’s dad, Reggie, had suffered a heart attack and underwent bypass surgery when he was 49. To improve Reggie’s health, Maria immediately adopted the concepts Rajiv introduced. Who knew the added benefits she would experience herself.

Maria increased her exercise and adhered to the low-fat, plant-based diet. She dropped 41 pounds, and she looks amazing. She has a ton of energy, and constantly helps us with the boys. I can’t tell you how much I admire her willpower and her spirit. She is an example for us all.

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